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About Child Sponsorship

Compassion partners with more than 8,000 churches in 26 countries to deliver our proven child development programme to more than 2 million infants, children and youth. Around the world, children, families and entire communities are being empowered to overcome poverty and thrive both now and into the future.

How does Compassion Child Sponsorship work?
Compassion works with a Christ centred, church based, child focused approach to holistic development for children in the programme, where the aim is to educate & provide skills for all areas of the child’s life and community.

Child sponsorship is £28 per month and children in the project receive support in the form of:

  • School resources and uniforms
  • Medical check-ups & keep children healthy
  • Nutritional meals to prevent malnutrition
  • Christ-centred guidance through the local church
  • Vocational training to equip them for the future
  • Recreational activities to protect from crime, violence and danger
  • A one-to-one relationship with you their only sponsor

Independent research shows that Compassion’s Child Sponsorship programme is life-changing. Compared to their peers, Compassion-sponsored children are more likely to stay in school for longer, find salaried jobs and grow to become leaders in their communities and churches.

Why Uganda
In Uganda, over a third of its population live in extreme poverty, meaning they live on less than USD $1.90 a day.

Over the past few decades Uganda has been torn apart by civil war and the spread of HIV. Today, Uganda is still home to about 1 million AIDS orphans.

Children are often the greatest victims of poverty and live in desperate conditions. But it is these children who hold the potential to break the cycle of deprivation for future generations.

By sponsoring children in the same region, we believe we can see the nation of Uganda changed. By sponsoring a child, you change a family. If we sponsor children in the same area, we change a community. Change enough communities, we can impact a region. Impact enough regions, we can bring change to a nation.

The impact so far
Across Hillsong church globally and through our conference we have been able to sponsor over 117,000 children worldwide. We currently work with Compassion to sponsor children in 80 projects in Western and Eastern Uganda, which is having a significant social and economic impact in these areas.

Since our Uganda partnership with Compassion began in 2002, we have sponsored close to 14,000 children through our church in the UK. Today, some 7,182 children are sponsored through people in Hillsong UK.

Join us by sponsoring a child today in one of the Compassion projects supported by Hillsong Church. By each of us playing our part, we can change the world.

If you already sponsor a child, or like to play your part in a different way, find out more about “Since the Water Came” bringing safe water to our Compassion projects.

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