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12 years of Syrian conflict...

Over 5.6 million Syrians have fled their country since March 2011 due to the ongoing conflict. The majority of these refugees end up in surrounding countries in the region such as Lebanon, Türkiye, and Jordan. Nearly half of them are under the age of 18 years old and often out of education and in psychological need.

Source: UNHCR 2020

As Hillsong Church UK we are excited to work with World Vision UK and support young refugees in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan and provide practical and psychosocial support to help them rebuild their lives and future.

The refugee situation in Jordan

Jordan is the third largest host country for about 656,000 Syrian refugees. Some 120,000 live in refugee camps, including Za’atari and Azraq, where aid groups have converted desert wastes into cities.

Source: World Vision; UNHCR 2020

"We can’t give you your old life back, but we can help you start a new one"

Our stance towards refugees and asylum seekers

Adolescent Friendly Spaces

Safe havens in refugee camps

Adolescent Friendly Spaces are essential safe havens for teens and young adults to learn, have healthy social interactions and receive psychological support. These centres are working to heal the emotional wounds of a generation and helping them recover from the trauma of war, giving them bright hope for the future.


Emotional and psychosocial support to heal the emotional pain of war.

Leadership, peace building and learning about their rights and how to protect themselves and others from harm.

Practical skills training such as carpentry and offering cash for work schemes.

“[What kept me going] was when I started enrolling in activities with World Vision. It helped me to make friends and not be scared anymore. I registered for psychological support.”

Muath, 15 years old from Syria
living in the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan

The Impact

The Adolescent Friendly Spaces make a real difference in the lives of young refugees. The safe spaces have seen this impact over the years:

Our work with World Vision

World Vision has been working with Syrian refugees since the start of the crisis in March 2011. As their focus turned from immediate relief and crisis support, to ongoing holistic transformation, a gap in their work with young people was identified.

These young people have grown up with war and lost their childhoods lost through no fault of their own. We don’t want them to also lose their youth as well.

Together with World Vision we will reach the most vulnerable and isolated teens who have been traumatised and displaced by war through Adolescent Friendly Spaces in the Azraq camp in Jordan.

The refugee crisis has caused so much devastation in the hearts and minds of its young people but together, we are rebuilding lives, creating dreams again and restoring hope back into what would otherwise be an entire lost generation.



World Vision UK - click to find out more

Prayer Points

Stand with young refugees in praying for:

Pray for the health of those living in Azraq and that families remain positive and strong.

Pray for peace in Syria.

Pray for children to remain hopeful and continue to receive the best possible support as they grow up in the camp. May they feel empowered to learn, dream and make wise choices.

Pray for young people as they decide their future paths, that they may choose wisely and have opportunities to thrive.

Support A Young Refugee

by setting up a regular donation

A regular donation of £25 per month gives one more young refugee access to World Vision’s Adolescent Friendly Spaces.

Your contribution will help young refugees overcome the trauma of war and give them a hopeful future.

You can either set up a Standing Order with your bank or click the button below to set up a regular donation or one off giving of any amount.

Set up a Standing Order

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